The Small Moments

Going through the motions of everyday life can be monotonous, but noticing those small moments makes this journey conspicuously captivating. This is my philosophy.

Male. 23. Single. Californian. Music enthusiast. CPA bound. Banana Slug. Colorblind. Hufflepuff. Airbender. Shiny Chandelure trainer. Not Jewish.

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I guess I should update this real quick. I haven’t been paying much attention on here because of my 8-4:30 job! These hours force me to wake up and sleep earlier than usual, so when I get off most of the time I only just check tumblr.

Work is great! It’s quite laid back and my responsibilities aren’t all that hard. Hopefully, they’ll recognize how much effort I put into this job and how enjoyable I find it so I can be considered for full time!

That’s it for now. I’ve got some reports to finish. Ttyl tumblr ~

I’m going to Raging Waters tomorrow.

So I’m setting my alarm clock to the ending theme of Free! (that swimming anime) for such an occasion.

~ (◡‿◡✿) Relevant (✿◡‿◡) ~

I don’t have the most sunny outlook of life today.

My head hurts, I woke up too early, and my stomach is in knots. I can already tell my patience of people has declined pretty steadily as of late, and today just seems to magnify it.

If I accidentally lash out or phase you out for no reason, just know that, although you annoy me so hard right now, I don’t normally think of you that way and please forgive me in my time of need and excuse my messy head space…

But let’s be honest, if I do lash out you probably deserve it.

Personal Update:

I feel so behind on everything when it feels like I don’t have reason to be. 

  • I’ve got to catch up on Attack on Titan. (Jon, I still hate you)
  • Still need to make a whole bunch of vegan cookies.
  • I have to send another birthday gift that I’ve officially put off for 3 months now.
  • Need to apply to MORE JOBS.
  • I’ve recently found inspiration to draw stuff again, but I’ve also put that off.
  • And, of course, the one resolution I haven’t accomplished yet, moving out.

Right now, I’m just waiting to be released from work. I’ve finished all I needed to do, but we need to talk with the bossman about stuff I don’t know about yet, so I’m just mindlessly tumbling.

Hence this list.

I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m a prima donna or something for being in the bathroom for so long, when in all actuality I’m trying to scroll through all of my tumblr updates before I step in the shower.

I finally caught up (thirty minutes later >.>)

I’m going to make a personal post now that involves me talking about a friend of mine passing away.

Please scroll on if you don’t feel like reading it right now, I don’t mind. 

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I’m literally just fuming over nothing really.

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There’s No Better Time than RIGHT NOW to Escape Far Away from Here

Seriously though. 

I’m going to be weird and shower while there are guests in the apartment. 

That’s weird, right? 

Like, you visit someone’s place and then one of the residents decides to get naked in the other room to groom him/herself while knowing that they have company in the next room. 

Like, you know full well that once you turn on the water, they’ll be imagining you naked and maybe time how long it takes you to get clean. If you go under a certain time, you might as well not have gone in the shower at all and seem like you’re just stalling and hopingthey’d leave. But if you go over a certain time, then they have to question what exactly are you washing…?

There’s no winning in this game.

Just some self assessment about myself. 

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